Let's Do This!

Hello and welcome! I wanted to use this post to formally welcome you to my blog and tell you a few things I think are important before we begin this journey. When I was given the assignment to create a blog, I spent several days trying to figure out what I wanted to write about. I thought about other blogs I have read. I could have a health and wellness blog, “my body is a temple” I remarked as I ate my dino chicken nuggets and Kraft macaroni and cheese. I could write about fashion as I sat in my same sweatpants and oversized t-shirt. After my initial brainstorming session, I decided to seek input from my friends and family. The two recurring themes were telling my stories and food, so I decided to combine the two and here we are!

Each post will be a funny story about something that has happened to me or something I got myself into (there is no shortage of content) and a recipe inspired by the event. I hope my stories give you a good laugh (we could all use a little more laughter in our lives) and my recipes help you find some dinner inspiration.

I know the title of this blog is “Whine & Dine,” but I do not plan on doing much whining; “Recounting My Tales of Woe and Other Events & Dine” was just not as catchy. A lot of these experiences were unfortunate at the time, but I laugh about all of them now and believe that each one taught me a valuable lesson. Sometimes the lesson was as simple as not trying to walk immediately after spinning in an office chair. Sometimes it was more difficult to find the lessons. Even now, I often have to stop and ask myself “What is this trying to teach me?”

While you read my stories, I invite you to think about your own lives. What have the events in your life taught you? If you come up with anything profound, please let me know so that I can sound more wise and my go-to life lesson of not walking after spinning in an office chair can be replaced. I know that I still have a lot to learn, but I thank you for coming on this journey with me.